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6 Applications of Solar Panel Batteries

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Solar Panel Batteries are widely known in the industry as commercially unviable at current costs. However there are some situations where installing Solar PV with a battery bank is the best economic option available. Firstly its worth looking at some of the main ways solar batteries create value.

Self consumption during non-solar periods

Perhaps the most obvious way in which a battery could be utilised is by charging the battery during the daytime while solar panels generate surplus energy and discharging during the night time. Typically self-consumption in this method alone is not sufficient to merit the investment of Solar Batteries at current pricing. Best cases for self consumption will cycle daily to maximise utilisation during the useful life lifetime of a battery.

solar panel batteries
solar panel batteries

Lowering peak demand

Lowering demand charges presents some challenges for Solar PV systems. Batteries can provide greater assurance that daily peaks won’t be as high. Demand charges can represent up to 50% of a commercial power bill so this is a significant benefit to investment of solar batteries. To calculate the savings you can expect, a granular understanding of your energy consumption (30 minute interval data) and a good understanding of your electrical retailers demand tariffs is required.

solar panel batteries
solar panel batteries

Arbitrage between retail prices

A battery bank can help manage the fluctuation in retail prices through-out the day. At its simplest, the opportunity would be to charge the batteries in off-peak periods and discharge the batteries during the peak periods. In some cases the difference in c/kWh can be over 30c so this can create significant value if your energy profile suits. Similarly larger energy organisations are exploring opportunities to leverage battery solutions at scale to sell electricity on the National Energy Market (NEM) as critical times. In the future, peer to peer energy trading platforms will allow residents and businesses to do the same.

Coverage During Blackouts

Power critical businesses stand to lose large amounts of money from lost business during unexpected blackouts. Depending on the reliability of the grid in your area, a battery solution as a backup power source can provide great value by enabling business continuity. Largely batteries contend with diesel generators in this space which are expensive upfront and to run – however offer greater longevity if the blackout lasts a longer than the battery capacity.

solar panel batteries
solar panel batteries

Avoiding power supply upgrades

Grid infrastructure can be very expensive. In some cases businesses who require a lot of power will need to pay for a sub-station or large transformer to be added to the network to enable them to draw the required quantity of power. In most cases Solar Power with batteries is a cheaper and preferable solution and can be either tied in with the existing transformer or designed as an off-grid solution.

Importantly the above applications of solar batteries are not mutually exclusive. Meaning to assess the potential of solar batteries you need to analyse all other feasible opportunities in conjunction. Similarly the product specific attributes such as rate of degradation, round-trip efficiency and effective depth of discharge must be factored in to examine the performance over the expected lifetime.

Solar Energy Storage

The origins of “solar + storage” came from the earliest combinations of photovoltaic modules, power electronics, and lead-acid batteries used exclusively in the domain of what we now categorize as off-grid solar. With rapid advances in those core technologies, the applications for energy storage have broadened significantly, and energy storage is now central to solutions ranging from utility-connected residential systems to micro-grids providing reliable power for rural electrification.

The need for coordination between solar modules (the fuel), inverters (the engine), and batteries (the fuel tank) can’t be understated. Just as you’d expect your car or truck to utilize these three components to work seamlessly to get you from A to B, any effective solar battery system relies on that same level of integration. Thus, Discover doesn’t just manufacture the batteries used in solar applications we design energy storage systems that seamlessly integrate with power electronics to provide and manage energy, data, and diagnostics to power advanced solar systems.

The recent adoption of advanced LiFePO4 cells and the battery management systems that manage them have revolutionized energy storage for solar applications. The transition from electrochemical storage to truly electronic batteries provides solar system installers with more efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective solutions for any solar application.

Discover Battery has a rich pedigree and a deep understanding of the requirements for energy storage in solar applications. From tubular and flat plate lead-acid through to today’s modern Lithium chemistries, Discover understands what it takes to design the batteries used to power advanced solar battery systems that meet your customer’s unique requirements.

Renewable Energy Battery Applications

AGM batteries have been specifically designed for true deep cycle, long service life capability in adverse temperatures and handling conditions. The Bravabattery®  consists of batteries ranging from 34 to 1215 ampere hours (rated at the 24 hour rate) in a variety of 2-volt, 6-volt and 12-volt models. The proprietary rugged design and wide array of capacities, voltages and sizes makes Bravabattery® ideal for all renewable energy applications. Learn more about the advantages of Bravabattery®.

Bravabattery® renewable energy & solar batteries have been used throughout the world since 1987. The list below includes some of the more common applications:

  • Grid Tied Systems – Emergency backup for renewable energy systems tied to the local utility grid.
  • Off Grid Systems – Energy storage to power all electrical loads for residences, businesses, villages, and remote operations.
  • Backup Power – Consistent, quiet, reliable energy for mobile trailers, solar street signs, oil fields and other equipment.
  • Solar Street Lights – Reliable power with excellent cycle life in all conditions to ensure quick payback on large capital projects.
  • Smart Grid – Excellent float life to store excess energy at times of low demand and provide critical energy back to the grid during peak hours.

Solar Panel Batteries Benefits

  • Get more out of your solar cells, year-round, around-the-clock
  • Save on your electricity bill and lover your CO2 emissions
  • Contribute to a more sustainable planet
  • Take control of your energy and depend less on the grid

Commercial & Industrial

Solar batteries and CSR go together. Show your commitment to sustainability and innovation while managing your energy.


Optimize your project with small, scalable modules that meet current and future needs. Installation is easy. Adapt the system to meet your requirements, too.


Stop giving your solar energy away. Renewable energy management makes you more independent of the grid and saves money, too.


Get the most out of your investment in solar cells with intelligent solar batteries. You could lower everyone’s energy bills and eventually earn money.


Use intelligent batteries for frequency support, peak shaving, voltage support and regulation, load balancing and harmonic filtering.

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