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Long Life GEL Battery Benefit

EV6-220 Electric Vehicle GEL

The long life Gel electrolyte battery with designed 12 years life in standby service, or more than 400 cycle life at 50% DOD in deep cycle service.
Long Life Gel batteries are highly efficient and long life gel cell VRLA, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) separator maintenance free battery with lead-calcium alloy plate, which provides longer standby life performance, extra durability and lifespan.

Long Life GEL Battery Applications

AGM Battery for RV

RV and Caravan

Gel battery for solar panel

Solar Panel Battery

Battery for Telecom Equipment

Telecom Equipment

Battery for UPS Backup Power

UPS or Backup Power

Long Life GEL Battery Models

2V series
Model Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Dimensions (L,W,H,Total Height*mm) Weight(kg) Terminal
BLG2-200 2 200 170*106*330*342 11.5 M8 0.8
BLG2-250 2 250 170*106*330*342 13.8 M8 0.78
BLG2-300 2 300 170*150*330*342 16.5 M8 0.72
BLG2-400 2 400 170*150*330*342 19.5 M8 0.68
BLG2-500 2 500 196*171*330*342 26 M8 0.6
BLG2-600 2 600 241*171*330*342 30 M8 0.55
BLG2-800 2 800 285*171*330*342 39 M8 0.5
BLG2-1000 2 1000 383*171*330*342 51.5 M8 0.48
BLG2-1200 2 1200 471*171*330*342 60 M8 0.42
BLG2-1500 2 1500 355*337*330*342 80.5 M8 0.4
BLG2-2000 2 2000 476*337*330*342 106.5 M8 0.35
BLG2-2500 2 2500 476*337*330*342 118.5 M8 0.33
BLG2-3000 2 3000 696*340*330*342 159.5 M8 0.3

Production Process

Lead powder preparing

Lead Powder preparing

Vietnam Factory
Grid casting

Grid casting

Vietnam Factory
Lead ignot

Lead ignot

Vietnam Factory
Assembling line

Fast delivery

Vietnam Factory

7 Pros of Long Life GEL Battery

Maintenance free

When battery is charging, hydrogen would be absorbed and reversed to electrolyte by plates. It doesn’t need to refill water and balanced charge, which makes maintenance free.

Flexible installation

AGM separator keep electrolyte absorbed in glass mat and still. Battery can be used or positioned in any orientation.

Longer lifespan in extreme weather

Gel cell electrolyte prevent electrolyte being evaporated in high temperature or being frozen in low temperature, which keep battery in high performance in extreme weather.

Extremely safe

When excessive gas production by inappropriate charging occurs, safety valves will automatically emit the gas to prevent battery cracked.

Long standby life, Better cycle performance

Anti-corrosion lead-calcium alloy plate provides longer float charging life. AGM separator can trap electrolyte and prevent active materials on positive plate dropping at the same time. Moreover, it gives better deep discharge cycle performance.

Longer shelf life

Special lead-calcium alloy plates make lower self-discharge for longer shelf life.

High rate performance

Low inner resistance allows higher discharging and charging current for better performance in high rate application

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