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BravaBattery Stop-Start Battery Benefit

AGM80 Stop Start Battery
H6 agm-70 stop start battery

Car Battery

Stop-Start Battery

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  • UL validated. Contributes to a Circular Economy. Brava AGM Batteries contain a minimum of 94% post-consumer recycled polypropylene and lead content using a closed-cycle mass balance system.
  • Designed to deliver superior reliability, starting power and provide an increased battery lifespan
  • Built to meet and exceed vehicle starting and reserve capacity power requirements
  • Maintenance free for maximum convenience
  • Stamped grid technology is designed to minimize corrosion that leads to premature battery failure, the most frequently replaced vehicle component according to market research.
  • Stamped grid technology is reliable and built to last. It’s nearly three times more corrosion resistant, making it more durable than other grid designs. Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.
  • The Stamped grid technology pattern is optimized for full grid utilization, providing more than 60% superior electrical flow for better connectivity. Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.
  • Our Stamped Grid manufacturing process uses 20% less energy and releases 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other manufacturing methods
  • For vehicles with increased electrical load, upgrade to a Brava AGM Battery

agm vs efb batteries
Model H5/AGM-60
Rated Voltage 12v
CCA 600Ah
Capacity 60Ah
Weight 19kg
Size 242*175*190*190mm
Type Starter Battery
Rated Voltage12v
TypeStarter Battery

H7 agm-80 stop-start battery
efb batteries
Rated Voltage12v
TypeStarter Battery

Stop-Start AGM Battery Models

Model Voltage(V) CCA(A) Capacity(Ah) Dimensions (L,W,H,Total Height*mm) Weight(kg) Terminal
H4/AGM-50 12 540 50 207*175*190*190 17.5 M8 8.5
H5/AGM-60 12 600 60 242*175*190*190 19.0 M8 8.0
H6/AGM-70 12 760 70 278*175*190*190 21.1 M8 7.5
H7/AGM-80 12 850 80 315*175*190*190 24.5 M8 6.6
H8/AGM-90 12 900 90 353*175*190*190 27 M8 6.5
H9/AGM-105 12 950 105 400*175*190*190 29.6 M8 6.0

Stop-Start EFB Battery Models

Model Voltage(V) CCA(A) Capacity(Ah) Dimensions (L,W,H,Total Height*mm) Weight(kg) Terminal
H4/EFB-50 12 540 50 207*175*190*190 19.1 M8 8.3
H5/EFB-60 12 600 60 242*175*190*190 21.1 M8 7.5
H6/EFB-70 12 760 70 278*175*190*190 22.1 M8 7.3
H7/EFB-80 12 850 80 315*175*190*190 24.8 M8 6.6
H8/EFB-90 12 900 90 353*175*190*190 27.2 M8 6.3
H9/EFB-105 12 950 105 400*175*190*190 30.2 M8 5.8
H6 agm-70 stop start battery


H6/AGM-70: 12V 70Ah, CCA 760A
H7 agm-80 stop-start battery


H7/AGM-80: 12V 80Ah, CCA 850A
agm vs efb batteries


H8/AGM-90: 12V 90Ah, CCA 900A
efb batteries


H9/AGM-105: 12V 105Ah, CCA 950A

Battery Applications

truck application

truck application

Applications of Start-Stop Battery
RV application

RV application

Applications of Start-Stop Battery

BUS application

Applications of Start-Stop Battery
car applications

Car application

Applications of Start-Stop Battery

Starter Battery FAQ

What is the difference between VRLA and AGM batteries?
The chemistry of VRLA cells is the same, but the electrolyte is immobilized. The electrolyte of gel batteries, sometimes known as “gel cells,” is produced as a paste-like gel by adding silica and other gelling agents to the electrolyte, as opposed to the AGM, which achieves this using a fiberglass mat.

What should car battery voltage be after sitting overnight?
The ideal resting voltage should not fall below 12.6V. Keep in mind that a battery is only 50% charged when it falls below 12.2 volts, and is considered drained below that point.

How can you jumpstart a dead battery?
Switch off the engines of both vehicles. Clamp the positive cable’s first end to the positive clamp on the dead battery. Now have a buddy attach the other end of that cable to the positive clamp of the other battery. Next, attach the negative cable to the good battery’s negative terminal.

How many volts should a car battery lose overnight
As you can see, a voltage of 12.1V indicates that your battery is only using 50% of its full charge. You will experience a significant decrease in performance if your battery dips to 11.9V or less. The battery is almost totally depleted after it drops to 11.6V.

If the car battery completely dies, can you still jump your car?
Jumping a dead automobile battery is perfectly safe as long as you take all necessary safety measures. Here are a few safety precautions you ought to take: Connect the jumper cables after turning off the engines of both vehicles. Always start by plugging the cords into the dead battery.

Why is a battery used to start a car?
The Pounding You Need To Ride On
After all, your automobile won’t start without a battery. The zap of energy required to activate electrical components is provided by your car battery. Along with providing voltage to your car’s starter, it also transforms chemical energy into the electrical energy that runs your vehicle.

Can AGM batteries explode?
The basic truth is that an AGM battery can and will initiate a self-sustaining internal heating process (thermal runaway) under the correct circumstances, which can result in catastrophic failure with the danger of fire and explosion.

How long do AGM car batteries last?
In general, we can state that an AGM battery has a two- to three times longer lifespan than a flooded battery. If a flooded battery in the commuter car example we used lasts three to five years, an AGM battery may last six to ten years or even longer.

How often do AGM batteries need to be replaced?
Around three to four years
Depending on how often you use it, an AGM battery with regular maintenance typically lasts three to four years. The duration of the battery life is also influenced by how often you drive your car.

At what voltage is an AGM battery deeply discharged?
Standard lead-acid batteries are fully charged at 12.6 volts (12.8 volts for AGM or GEL batteries). For all types, 11.8V equals 0% (i.e battery fully discharged)

Can a Prius use a regular 12 v battery?
The 12V battery in a Prius can be recharged using a standard automobile battery charger. It cannot be used to recharge the car’s powerful, high-voltage battery.

How long should I expect my expensive gel car battery to last?
Gel or AGM batteries 12 volts
The typical lifespan of a 12-volt Gel or AGM battery is up to six years if kept charged when not in use. At an average ambient temperature of 25 C throughout the course of five or six years of float voltage, the battery still holds 80% of its initial capacity.

Does stop/start technology in cars actually save fuel?
Yes, you will save the fuel that the engine would have consumed when the car is immobile in instances where you are stationary with the engine running, such as in heavy traffic or while waiting for the lights to change.

Do AGM batteries require a special charger?
A specific charger is NOT necessary for AGM batteries. But LIKE ANY OTHER BATTERY, IT WILL GET BETTER CARE FROM A QUALITY “SMART” CHARGER. A typical constant voltage charger, like the one you could get at your neighborhood auto parts store, outputs power at about 12.7 volts (some are 12.6v, and some are 12.8v).

How long do AGM deep cycle batteries last?
The typical lifespan of a 12-volt Gel or AGM battery is up to six years if kept charged when not in use. At an average ambient temperature of 25 oC throughout the course of five or six years of float voltage, the battery still holds 80% of its initial capacity.

How long will a new car battery last if it is never used?
If your car battery is relatively fresh and has been well-maintained, it should last for around two weeks before it runs out of power. If your car has been idle for more than two weeks, you probably need professional help.

Can I use a deep cycle battery in a car?
You can utilize the marine battery for your car if it has a 12-volt rating. It will be able to function as a starter and a deep cycle battery as a result. Another item to think about is the marine battery’s size.

What happens if you put the wrong battery in your car?
Battery characteristics
Incorrect battery sizing could alter the way electrical currents flow, leading to power surges that could harm the onboard computers or other parts.

How often should I start my car to keep the battery charged?
We advise driving your car once a week for at least 30 minutes, preferably at highway speeds, to give your battery the boost it needs to stay fully charged.

Can I use an AGM battery in my caravan?
Since A.G.M. batteries don’t release any gas (hydrogen) while being charged, ventilation requirements are less of an issue. This enables them to be utilized inside a campervan in a secure manner.

Can you jumpstart a AGM battery?
No. The jump starter functions as an extension of the vehicle’s battery when used for jump starting.

Can you jump-start a car with a start/stop engine?
Yes, a car with a stop-start battery can be jump-started. Modern cars have more of these, so it’s advisable to first consult the manual. The majority of stop-start vehicles may, however, be jump-started using a conventional key ignition.

Can I replace an automotive EFB battery with an AGM?
You have two alternatives when dealing with an EFB battery: You may either install an AGM or replace it with another EFB. The latter can improve the automatic Start-Stop system’s effectiveness and lead to more fuel being used efficiently.

Can I replace my AGM car battery with a regular battery?
Did your car have a flooded lead acid battery when it was new? If so, you should consider upgrading to an AGM battery to take advantage of its more robust, maintenance-free construction. You have the option of switching back to a standard battery or replacing the dead AGM battery with another one.

How far can you discharge an AGM battery?
AGM offers a depth-of-discharge of 80%, while the flooded is specified at 50% DoD to achieve the same cycle life.

How do I revive my dead deep cycle battery?
Add distilled water and baking soda solution to each battery cell. Use a funnel to slowly move in this direction. Switch out the battery covers. The battery should be shaken for around 30 seconds.

Can a marine battery be used in a RV?
Marine batteries and RV batteries may typically be switched out. Just make sure your marine battery has a slower discharge rate and a bigger reserve capacity. Additionally, confirm that your marine battery has sufficient reserve to run your RV and all you need within it between charges.

Do AGM batteries get sulfated?
This includes the brand-new “dry” sealed AGM-spiral-wound versions under the Optima, Odyssey, Exide, and Interstate names. Every time a battery is used, sulfation forms in them (discharged – recharged). They will quickly produce sulfate if overcharged, undercharged, or left discharged—some after even only a few days.

Which automotive battery is better, AGM or flooded?
We will acknowledge that there are some situations where flooded batteries are a better choice after demonstrating that AGM batteries normally perform better, have more safety features, and live longer than flooded lead-acid batteries.

What is the voltage of a fully charged AGM battery?
Before leaving, make sure the battery is completely charged. AGM batteries should read 13.00 volts or above when fully charged. The final charge should ideally be performed using an AGM-optimized charging profile.

Is an AGM battery the same as a lead acid battery?
AGM batteries have six cells, each of which has plates with insulating separators, and are comparable to conventional lead-acid batteries in this regard. The main distinction is that an AGM battery’s separators are formed of an absorbed glass mat, a substance that soaks up the battery’s acid solution.

Do lead or AGM batteries last longer?
AGM batteries often have a longer lifespan than conventional lead acid batteries. AGM batteries live longer than flooded batteries while not in use because of their low self-discharge rates. AGM batteries can last up to seven years with proper care, although flooded batteries normally last three to five years.

How do I resuscitate a deeply discharged AGM battery?
According to Optima, there are three ways to recharge an AGM battery that is deeply drained (sub 10 volts):
1. Option #1: Purchase an AGM battery charger.
2. Option #2: Make your own computer processing and use an antique charger.
3. Option #3: Enlist the aid of a specialist.

How many years should a BMW AGM battery last?
How long will the battery in my BMW last? The longevity of your battery depends on several elements, but generally speaking, a battery lasts between two and five years, depending on a number of parameters.

Can I fit a stop/start battery into a normal car?
The electrical system of the car and the battery may be harmed if a conventional battery is installed in one that has idle stop-start technology. Vehicles with Idle Stop Start systems should only use suitable Idle Stop Start batteries.

Can you charge an AGM battery with a regular charger?
You can choose whether to charge an AGM battery or a flooded cell option on a lot of contemporary chargers. But if you have a VRLA battery, it’s crucial not to utilize an outdated charger designed exclusively to meet the requirements of wet cell batteries, as was mentioned above.

How long do AGM batteries last in a caravan?
A certain number of deep discharge cycles are intended for each caravan battery. You can get 20 to 300 cycles out of a flooded or cheap battery, 400 to 500 cycles out of a gel battery, 600 to 800 cycles out of an AGM battery, and 1,000 cycles out of batteries with a five-year guarantee.

What is the best battery to use for a caravan?
One of the greatest and most popular options for clients looking for power is AGM deep cycle caravan batteries. The most common type of 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery for RVs and Caravans is an AGM Deep Cycle Battery, commonly known as an Absorbed Glass Mat Battery (AGM Batteries).


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