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Long Life AGM Battery Benefit

long life agm battery

Stationary 2V AGM Batteries Serials are mainly big capacity batteries with voltage of 2V. It use advanced micro porous absorbed glass matt separator – minimizes diffusion of oxygen into the separator, reducing float charge current which suppressed the corrosion rate of the positive grid and extends the life of the battery.
The Long Life Power Standby range of batteries have been specially designed to provide safe & reliable performance for critical power applications and long service life.Designed with lower internal resistance and higher discharge capabilities due to the increased tin content, Long Life power models are robust enough to handle the most important Back-up, UPS, Medical or Communication systems.

Long LIfe AGM Battery Models

2V series
Model Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Dimensions (L,W,H,Total Height*mm) Weight(kg) Terminal
BL2-200 2 200 170*106*330*342 11 M8 0.8
BL2-250 2 250 170*106*330*342 13.3 M8 0.78
BL2-300 2 300 170*150*330*342 16 M8 0.72
BL2-400 2 400 170*150*330*342 19 M8 0.68
BL2-500 2 500 196*171*330*342 25.5 M8 0.6
BL2-600 2 600 241*171*330*342 29.5 M8 0.55
BL2-800 2 800 285*171*330*342 38.5 M8 0.5
BL2-1000 2 1000 383*171*330*342 51 M8 0.48
BL2-1200 2 1200 471*171*330*342 59.5 M8 0.42
BL2-1500 2 1500 355*337*330*342 80 M8 0.4
BL2-2000 2 2000 476*337*330*342 106 M8 0.35
BL2-2500 2 2500 476*337*330*342 118 M8 0.33
BL2-3000 2 3000 696*340*330*342 159 M8 0.3

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Long Life AGM batteries Production Process

6 Pros of Long Life AGM Battery

Longer Lifespan

AGM batteries have a longer lifespan than the conventional battery — lasting up to 2x longer. These batteries also have a very low self discharge rate, so they also last longer when not in active use.

Lighter And More Durable

The glass mat in AGM batteries isn’t completely saturated with electrolyte, and the liquid doesn’t expand the way they do in a flooded lead acid battery. 

Lower Internal Resistance Means Higher Power Output

The AGM battery has very low internal resistance, allowing it to deliver power quickly. This is an essential function of a car battery, which pushes rapid bursts of power to start the engine.

Faster Recharge And Better Depth Of Discharge

AGM batteries have excellent charge acceptance, which can extend their cycle life. The AGM battery can charge up to 5x faster compared to traditional batteries.  

Vibration And Shock Resistant

The electrolyte-soaked glass mats in between the lead plates act like a damper. As the plates are packed fairly tightly, movement and vibrations are reduced to almost zero. This creates a battery that’s highly resistant to vibration and shock

Non-Spillable And Maintenance-Free

The absorbent glass mat between the plates holds the electrolyte in place, keeping it from spilling even when the battery is in odd positions. This allows for greater mounting flexibility.

Brava Battery, one major AGM batteries manufacturer:

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