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front terminal agm battery applications

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The Front Access Series Battery is especially designed for telecommunication use with 12 years design life in float service. By combining the newly developed paste formula with up-to-date AGM structures, this range features 12 years design life and Front Access connection for fast, easy installation and maintenance.

Front Terminal AGM Battery

The front terminal AGM battery is designed for telecommunications applications with a floating charge life of up to 12 years and uses a thickened 3D curved plate with a special paste formulation and the latest AGM baffle technology. It has stable performance and good consistency, it is suitable for outdoor telecommunications occasions and other backup power applications. The features and advantages are as follows:

  • Sealing structure (leakproof), no leakage, no acid fog, no need to add acid and water during use
  • Long service life of deep circulation and 12 years design life of floating charge
  • Temperature range: -15°C ~ 55°C
  • High tin thickening 3D surface plate design
  • Special lead paste is added to improve charging receptivity
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Good recovery performance of deep discharge
  • Maintenance-Free: No topping up water during the operational life
  • Operating temperatures: -20 deg c to +55 deg c
  • Self-discharge: Approx 1% per week at 25°C
  • Shelf life without recharge: May be stored up to 6 months
  • Operational temperature: -20°C to 45°C, recommended 10°C to 35°C, short time 45°C to 55°C
  • Reliability: Peace of mind that the AGM 12V Front Terminal battery backup power supply will remain constant; longer power backup discharges during a power outage
  • German Design: With balanced active materials delivers battery capacity that meets international specifications
  • Durability: Thicker grid construction, for deep-cycle performance with increased life
  • Special insulators for plate ends: eliminates shorting
  • Price: A realistic, and competitive 12V Front Terminal battery price
  • Delivery: On time, every time; Guaranteed
  • After-sales: We are a 12V Front Terminal manufacturer in India with a fully committed, PAN India customer care service is available a phone call away to solve any issue quickly and efficiently
  • Leak-Proof design  Our special design ensures a complete seal
  • High-quality Resilient Absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators ensure cells will not dry out
  • AGM separators are C wrapped to eliminate shorting
  • True front access battery design for ease of installation & usage flexibility
  • Calcium lead alloy grids provide for superb oxygen recombination & maintenance-free performance
  • Large terminal post design: Strong posts with good conductivity & mechanical strength. Threaded, lead-tin brass or copper inserts give increased conductivity & better high rate discharge performance, without heating up of terminals
  • A larger contact area for better conductivity inserts eliminates melting of terminal
  • Fire-retardent (FR) Grade ABS containers, covers & post seal optional: Fire safe
  • Low internal resistance values for each cell
  • A dedicated design team for customer service to help you through selection & sizing options
  • Microtex 12V Front Terminal are regularly exported
  • The combination of Tin-calcium lead alloy positive plates with designer alloying elements deliver the best performance. in VRLA battery type technology for ultra-long battery life & performance.
  • Seismically qualified battery racks are available

Product Features of Industrial Battery

  • This AGM battery for telecom industry comes with slim shape design and front terminal connection. Thus, easy installation and maintenance can be ensured and space can be saved;
  • Radial grid design plus tight assembly technology assures this rechargeable battery prominent high rate discharge performance;
  • Our front access battery features unique design which makes it sure that the electrolyte volume can be hardly reduced during use and addition of water is not necessary in its service life;
  • Due to unique corrosion resistant grid alloy, the power storage cell can serve for more than 8 years in standby current at a temperature of 25℃;
  • Fully made from high purity materials, the front access AGM battery comes with extremely low self discharge;
  • Gas recombination technology makes this power supply device environment friendly and pollution free. To be specific, due to this technology, the battery can have super high seal reaction efficiency, thus generating no acid mist;
  • The use of best-in-class sealing technology ensures that this UPS battery is perfectly sealed, providing high security and reliability.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat Technology (AGM) with efficient gas recombination up to 99%
  • maintenance free (no watering)/ sealed battery (SLA)
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)
  • low self discharge, approx 3% per month
  • design lifetime of 10 years
  • Connection poles for front mounting in e.g. modular cabinets.


1. Long Life: 12 years design life in floating condition
2. Wide operating temperature range: from -15°C to 60℃
3. Advanced paste formula with increased recharge efficiency
4. Front access terminal with standard width for 19” and 23” ETSI racks
5. 30% decreased float current lead to excellent high temperature resistance
6. Save Space and Easy to Maintain
7. Low self-discharge rate
8. Excellent deep discharge recovery capability


Application of Front Terminal Battery

A front terminal battery, also known as a “narrow” battery, is specifically a 12V battery fitted to a 19-inch or 23-inch cabinet, with the pole and front terminals located on the upper side of the short front side in the same direction as the battery, which is nearly 19 inches or 23 inches wide in shape.

Front terminal battery’s basic principle and structure was similar to 2 v battery, the difference is the front terminal put 6 batteries with the same capacity and 2 v battery monomer series together, placed within the battery shell has six battery slot, this structure makes the front terminal type battery is long and narrow structure and cell aspect ratio is 3.4:5, the surface area increases, this makes the front terminal battery has good heat dissipation performance, greatly reducing the possibility of thermal runaway battery, and the front terminal batteries in the battery front terminal is used to design external connections, wiring position first half of the battery connection is convenient.

Front terminal battery can effectively reduce the long and narrow front terminal type battery monomer structure in series process implementation difficulty, improve monomer welding area and quality, improve more monomer structure inside the battery in series between the battery tank, battery cover and, in the form of sealing way between process combined with the reliability, stability, ensure the product performance, implementation of cleaner production, etc.

When the front terminal battery is installed vertically, there can be no maintenance space between the layers, which can not only save the machine room area, but also make the installation and maintenance of the battery very simple. The front terminal battery has more advantages than the 2V battery in terms of energy saving and emission reduction, manufacturing cost, product standardization and installation control.

Therefore, front-end terminal batteries are widely used in the field of communication power supply in the world. Meanwhile, front-end terminal batteries are often used in the following fields:

  • UPS(uninterruptible power supply)
  • Marine equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Engine start
  • Emergency lighting control equipment
  • Fire and safety systems
  • Computer, power switching system
  • Microprocessor-based office machines
  • Wind and solar power systems

Front Terminal AGM Battery are designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, high performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the field of UPS, Emergency Lighting System.

Front Terminal AGM for Telecom Applications

Designed for Standard 19″ or 23 ” relay racks and power cabinets / Network connection equipment of communication systems / Wireless and Wireline Telecom sites / local area network / Power stations systems / Excellent for APU (Aux Power Units)

Front Terminal AGM – High Rate UPS Application:

Designed for UPS power cabinets requiring front terminals for easy maintenance recording /  Critical UPS, standby power supply,  APU – Aux Power Systems / Power station systems / Railway and marine systems.

Front Terminal AGM Battery Structure and Working Principle

Cathode absorption sealed maintenance-free VRLA battery consists of ABS case,grid type plate, AGM separator and electrolyte.

Application Fields

It highly suited to telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and ohter harsh environment application.
Applications of Long Life AGM VRLA Battery

  • Suitable for 19inch and 23inch power cabinet;
  • Used in telecom system including exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, data center, radio and broadcast station;
  • Great for power supply system of private network or LAN;
  • Used as signal system battery and emergency lighting system battery;
  • Perfect for EPS and UPS system
  • burglar-systems
  • fire-detecting-systems
  • IT systems

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