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5 Top Brand of Car Battery Wholesale In Malaysia

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car battery wholesale in malaysia
car battery wholesale in malaysia

As a specialized lead acid battery factory, Brava is committed to the top sealed lead acid (SLA) battery supply manufacturer and carries over 300 types of standard lead acid battery available to meet all of our customers’ Power needs. As an excellent lead acid battery company in Malaysia, Brava specializes in  General Purpose battery, Deep Cycle battery, OPzV & OPzS battery, CAR Battery, Start-Stop AGM automotive battery, etc.

Car Batteries Common Issue

It’s a first-world, twenty-first-century issue. No matter how hard you turn the ignition, your car won’t start. Your suspicion is correct that the car battery has failed. Battery issues are common, but that doesn’t make them any less inconvenient. You risk being late for wherever you’re going, and it only makes matters worse if you’re stranded in a sketchy location, such as a dimly lit parking lot, where thoughts of lurking serial killers race through your mind. It’s not enjoyable. You must be wondering what are the available quality battery in Malaysia to avoid such situations. Here’s a list of the top five best car battery brands in Malaysia.

What Are the Different Kinds of Car Batteries in Malaysia

Standard Flooded: The most common type, standard flooded battery powers your vehicle through the SLI (Starting, Lighting, and Ignition) principle. They not only start your car, but they also power your lights, radio, and other electronics.

EFBs (Enhanced Flooded Batteries): EFB batteries are high-performance versions of standard flooded batteries. Because of their deep discharge properties and fast start-up frequencies, they are the preferred choice for vehicles with start-stop systems.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries: AGM batteries are dependable, durable, and foolproof. They have three times the life cycle of standard car batteries. Even if the case is broken, there is no risk of leakage. The AGM is naturally more expensive than the previous two types because it is suitable for vehicles that require high energy consumption.

The Best Car Batteries in Malaysia for Your Vehicle

A quality car battery starts your vehicle consistently, even in extreme temperatures. It provides a reliable power source for your vehicle’s electrical systems. Longevity: A quality battery typically has a longer lifespan compared to lower-quality alternatives. While the exact lifespan can vary, a good car battery should last several years under normal driving conditions. Come with 18 Months Warranty With Good Price.

  1. VARTA

Varta is a Korean international brand. One of the best manufacturers of high-quality batteries. This battery suits most European vehicles, including Benz and Mini Coopers. The company guarantees this product until it becomes unusable. This battery has no mileage limit and can power your car for up to a year. Varta also provides a one-year warranty on this product. It is recommended that anyone who intends to install it themselves read the manual first. Simple to install and highly beneficial to your vehicle’s system.

  1. Century

Century batteries, with the tagline “Lasts Longer,” are meant to last.  Marathoner Max is a range dedicated to this USP. The NS40ZL is a standout among the models in the lineup. The battery ensures longevity and effective recharging by utilizing topicalized plates and anti-sulfation elements to prevent premature corrosion.

  1. Amaron

Imported from India, has become a favorite brand in Malaysia. The maintenance-free Amaron GO 46B24L is lined with welted silver alloy to endure fluctuating weather temperatures. It has a high cranking power, which is beneficial when temperatures drop due to heavy rain. Furthermore, the brand employs a patented technology formula to increase battery life.

  1. GS Yuasa

Another brand with very reasonable prices. This brand is well-known in Japan because it is the original battery for most automobiles. Although it is new to the market, many used car owners have purchased the product and given it positive feedback. Yes, we naturally have some skepticism toward a new brand, but why not give it a shot? The maker provides a good service in that they will deliver the product to any location in Malaysia. They will do their best to serve you no matter your location.


       5. BRAVA

BravaBattery is one manufacturer and wholesale SLA VRLA AGM batteries in China and Malaysia to uncompromisingly high standards since 2010.

Professional Manufacturer produce agm battery, gel battery, deep cycle battery, front terminal battery, high rate battery, lead carbon battery, agm start-stop battery. they are widely used for solar and wind energy system, UPS, telecom system, Lighting, security and communication system, leisure boats, golf carts, motorcycle, scrubber sweeper, electric vehicle,scooter, floor cleaning machine, Aerial Work Platform, hybrid cars.


CAR Battery: What You Need To Know Before Buying

If we talk about car services, the simplest thing that comes to mind is changing car tires as we see people do it all the time. Among the things that we should also think about is car battery maintenance. A car battery helps start your car as well as power up internal electronics, that’s why taking care of your car battery from time to time is necessary.

What is a car battery?

A car battery, sometimes known as an automotive battery, is a rechargeable battery specifically designed for use in automobiles. Its primary function is to supply electricity to the electric starter motor, which in turn fires up the internal combustion engine, which provides the mechanical power necessary to move the vehicle.

Once the engine is running, the battery continues to supply electricity to the car’s electrical systems, with the alternator topping it off as needed.

How much power do car batteries normally produce?

Most modern vehicles use 12-voltage, 105-ampere-hour (AH) batteries, which can supply 1260 Watt-hours (1.26 kWh) total. In order to get you started as quickly as possible as you turn the key, your engine starts up instantaneously. A minimum of one 1000 watts of electricity is required to start things going.

When should you start changing your car battery?

After 3 years of battery life, it is advised that you begin paying attention to the above-mentioned indicators or the battery warning light in current automobiles. If any of these symptoms appear, replace the battery before it damages your vehicle’s electrical system.

What are the best car battery brands in Malaysia?

Most cars are now using Maintenance Free (MF) Batteries or dry cell batteries. Below are the best brands of car batteries in Malaysia for you to consider.

BRAVA Malaysia

BRAVA batteries are made by using advanced American technology by one of the most professional battery manufacturers in China. For more than ten years, Brava company continues to serve customers with reliable and high-performance services.

CAR Battery: | Automobile | | Truck | | Marine/RV | | Motorcycle |


Brava Battery specialized in VRLA batteries for Solar storage, Golf cart, Caravan etc.

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