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BRAVA TOP AGM Battery Manufacturer

AGM battery,  absorbent glass mat battery, generates the burst of power needed for startup applications. The glass mat design maintains the battery’s acid content while creating minimal resistance within the battery to allow for higher capacity and higher discharge rates than sealed gel batteries. Please kindly note that the AGM automotive battery should be installed in equipment that remains in an upright position. The best AGM battery also functions better in cold climates than gel batteries. As the top AGM battery manufacturer as well as the well-known AGM battery brand worldwide, BRAVA has engaged in the AGM battery supply and AGM wholesale for many years. We offer the best AGM car battery, the best AGM deep cycle marine battery, the best AGM battery for solar, AGM battery high quality, AGM solar battery, etc. BRAVA is one of the leading start-stop battery manufacturers and the professional AGM battery supplier with our own AGM battery factory in China and Vietnam. We offer the best start-stop battery with advanced gas recombination to provide more stable start-stop performance, which is suitable for middle and upper-class vehicles up to the luxury class with start stop technology.
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