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Best Deep-Cycle Battery for Marine/RV 2024

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When talking about batteries in a renewable energy setting, the term usually refers to deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries are designed to cycle, meaning to charge and discharge many times. Brava offers class-leading deep-cycle batteries, including AGM, GEL, and lithium batteries, perfect to be as power storage for RV, van, marine, camper, golf cart and a wide variety of applications.

Benefit of Deep-Cycle Batteries

【Maintenance Free & Safe to Use】 Manufactured with thick AGM separators and advanced valve regulated technology, Brava Deep Cycle AGM Batteries save you from acid leakage and frequent maintenance. No acid leakage, no water refilling, and no harmful hydrogen gas.
【Outstanding Discharge Performance】 Proprietary quinary alloy plates and exclusively treated plate grids enable low internal resistance and high discharge currents of up to 10 times the battery rated capacity. This means that Brava AGM batteries can power home appliances with high current ratings.
【Longer Shelf Life】 Upgrades to lithium seamlessly with the standard BCI group size but a greater energy density, a deeper discharge capability, a higher round-trip efficiency, and a faster charging speed.
【Better Performance at Extreme Temp】 The improved electrolyte formula ensures stable battery capacity and outstanding discharge performance from 5℉ (-15℃) to 122℉ (50℃).
【Power Most Appliances】 Featuring 1100A (5 seconds) max discharge current and consistent, stable discharge, the battery can power up most home appliances, such as a fridge, microwave, CPAP, coffee maker, laptop, and more.

【High Quality and High Reliability】

deep Cycle gel battery

12v200ah deep cycle agm batteries
12v200ah deep cycle agm batteries

BPG12-100 Deep-cycle gel battery
BPG12-100 Deep-cycle gel battery
Model BP12-100 BP12-120 BP12-150 BP12-180 BP12-200 BP12-260
Voltage(V) 12 12 12 12 12 12
Capacity(Ah) 100 120 150 180 200 260
Dimensions (L,W,H,Total Height*mm) 328*172*215*220 407*177*225*225 485*170*241*241 532*207*214*219 522*240*219*224 522*269*220*225
Weight(kg) 27.5 32.5 41.5 49.5 56.5 70
Terminal M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8
Max. Discharge Current 1000A(5s) 1200A(5s) 1500A(5s) 1800A(5s) 2000A(5s) 2600A(5s)
Rated Capacity(25℃) (20hr, 1.75V/cell) 105.0 127.4 159.0 190.8 212 275.6
(10hr,1.75V/cell) 100.0 121.0 150.0 180.2 200.0 260.0
(5hr,1.75V/cell) 87.0 103.0 128.7 154.5 171.7 223.2
(3hr,1.75V/cell) 75.8 90.9 113.6 136.5 151.7 197.2
6.5 5.5 4.8 5 4.2 3.2
Operating Temp. Range Discharge -15~50℃ (5~122℉)
Charge -20~40℃ (-4~104℉)
Storage -15~40℃ (5~104℉)
Nominal Operating Temp.Range 25±3℃ (77±5℉ )
Cycle Use Initial Charging Current less than 45A. Voltage 14.1V~14.4V at 25℃ (77℉)Temp. Coefficient -4mV/℃
Standby Use Initial Charging Current less than 45A. Voltage 13.6V~13.8V at 25 ℃ (77℉)Temp. Coefficient -3mV/℃
Effect of temp. to Capacity 40℃ (104℉) 103%
25℃ ( 77℉) 100%
0℃ ( 32℉) 86%
Self Discharge BP series batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25℃(77℉) and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter

Uses of Deep Cycle Batteries

We’ve already touched on the fact that familiar car batteries are starter batteries. So what are deep cycle batteries used for? In general, for anything that needs continuous power for longer periods of time.

  • Electric golf carts
  • Electric floor cleaning machines
  • Electric scissor lifts
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric forklifts
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Trolling motors on boats
  • Navigational devices on a boat (when the main motor is inactive)
  • Renewable Energy systems


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