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7 Applications of Long Life AGM Battery

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Long Life AGM VRLA Battery


Stationary 2V AGM Batteries Serials are mainly big capacity batteries with voltage of 2V. It use advanced micro porous absorbed glass matt separator – minimizes diffusion of oxygen into the separator, reducing float charge current which suppressed the corrosion rate of the positive grid and extends the life of the battery.

Long Life Standby AGM Battery suitable for standby applications such as Back-Up Power, Security, Telecommunication Base Stations, Substations, Fire Protection, Emergency Ligthing, Network Communication & Data Storage Stations & more

The Long Life Power Standby range of batteries have been specially designed to provide safe & reliable performance for critical power applications and long service life.Designed with lower internal resistance and higher discharge capabilities due to the increased tin content, Long Life power models are robust enough to handle the most important Back-up, UPS, Medical or Communication systems.

Extremely low self-discharge and longer service life compared to regular AGM batteries, means service intervals are longer, reducing transport and labour costs associated with battery replacement.

Long Life Of Float Charge In High Temperature

  • ↑35% life of float charge in high temperature
  • Partially thickening plate technology

Strong Resistence To Overcharge

  • ↑50% resistence to water loss
  • High water retention and diaphragm technology

Long Life

  • ↑50% Corrosion Resistance of grid
  • Patent Rare-earth Alloy

Long Life AGM Battery Features:

  • Maintenance Free
  • Spill Proof Design
  • UL 1989 certified
  • Extremely Low Self-Discharge
  • 6-9 Year Design life

Product Features of Industrial Battery

  • long life AGM VRLA battery is specially designed on the base of European dwarf form standard structure. It features streamline design and elegant appearance;
  • Thicker and extended plate can ensure self absorption, thus effectively prolonging service life of the storage battery;
  • The valve regulated lead acid battery comes with special design that allows almost no reduction of electrolyte volume in use and no addition of water in service life;
  • Unique corrosion resistant grid alloy plus special lead paste formula enables our long life AGM battery to boast outstanding recovery capability when over discharging as well longer float charge service life;
  • High purity raw materials assure this type of power source ultra low self discharge;
  • Gas recombination technology is adopted so that the battery has extremely high seal reaction efficiency and separates out no acid mist, hence generating no pollution to the environment.

Applications of Long Life AGM VRLA Battery

  • Through persistent efforts, SOLAR, the China-based sealed lead acid battery supplier, has brought a wide range of long life AGM VRLA batteries to all kinds of fields. Typical applications are as follows.
  • Telecommunication systems including exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, data center, radio and broadcast station;
  • Power plant and power transmission system;
  • Solar energy and wind turbine system;
  • Signal system and emergency lighting system;
  • EPS and UPS systems (Known as UPS battery).
  • Signal, Alarm & Safety System

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