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N100 (95E41R) 12V100AH JIS SMF Truck Battery

Product Description

Model: N100
BRAVA N100 (95E41R, 6-QW-100R-B) JIS series flooded maintenances-free car battery has very good low temperature starting ability,super long shelf life and maintenance free under normal situation.Those batteries are manufactured under JIS technology standard,less electrolyte is consumed,good anti-vibration capacity.It’s good used for car, tractor,mine-truck and the starting,lighting for the construction engineer vehicles,etc.

Voltage : 12v
Capacity : 100Ah
Size : 409*170*209*233mm
Weight : 26.3kg
Terminal : 1


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Physical Specification (mm)

Model N100 (95E41R)
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity(20HR) 100Ah
Dimension Length 409±2mm(16.10inches)
Width 170±2mm(6.69inches)
Container Height 209±2mm(8.23inches)
Total Height(with Terminal) 233±2mm(9.17inches)
Weight With Acid Approx 26.3Kg(58.0lbs)
Acid 1.280±0.015g/cm (25ºC)
Standard Terminal 1
Cell layout 1
Hold-Down B0
Case Black-Material (PP)
Cover Black-Material (PP)
Handle Black-Material (PP)

Electrical Specification

Rated Capacity @20 hour rate(1.8A) 100Ah
Reserve Capacity (RC) [email protected] 179min
Cold Cranking Amps(CCA) @0 ºF (-18 ºC) 750A(JIS)

Standard Terminal (mm)

Terminal Type D
Positive Negative
1 19.5 17.9
N100 95E41R layout
N100 95E41R layout
N100 95E41R Discharge characteristics
N100 95E41R Discharge characteristics

Wet Starter SMF Truck Battery JIS Standard Series

Type Volt. C20 C5 RC CCA(JIS) Overall Dimensions(mm) Cell Terminal Hold
Handles Wet
(V) (Ah) (Ah) (Min) (-18℃) L W H TH Layout (Kg)
E41 N100L 95E41L 12 100 80 179 750 409 170 209 233 0 1 B0 TS8 26.3
N100 95E41R 12 100 80 179 750 409 170 209 233 1 1 B0 TS8 26.3
N100ZL 105E41L 12 105 83 190 780 409 170 209 233 0 1 B0 TS8 27
N100Z 105E41R 12 105 83 190 780 409 170 209 233 1 1 B0 TS8 27
N100ZL 115E41L 12 110 88 201 820 409 170 209 233 0 1 B0 TS8 27.5
N100Z 115E41R 12 110 88 201 820 409 170 209 233 1 1 B0 TS8 27.5
NX200-10L 130E41L 12 116 92 215 850 409 170 209 233 0 1 B0 TS8 28.2
NX200-10 130E41R 12 116 92 215 850 409 170 209 233 1 1 B0 TS8 28.2


1. How to extend the life of a SMF battery?

In order to increase the life of battery, it is necessary to monitor the battery performance constantly. Here are some tips to optimize the battery performance.
1. The SMF battery should be placed in well ventilated area to avoid high temperature environment. With each 10 degree rise in air temperature, the float life reduces to half. If the battery is installed in equipment, it is necessary to isolate it from heat generating components like transformer.
2. In order to prevent deep discharge, it is necessary to set the cut off voltage to 11.5 volts in 12 volt battery and 4.5 in 6 volt battery.
3. It is necessary to prevent no load battery drain. The additional components of the equipment such as sensors, displays and indicators consume power in the no load condition. So if the equipment is not provided with automatic charging, this power loss leads to deep discharge.

4. Boost cum float charging is suitable for SMF battery. If the power failure is frequent, the battery should be charged immediately to acquire full charge before the next power failure.

5. If there is any problem such as low backup time, battery heating, low terminal voltage even after continuous charging develops, the battery should be attended immediately.

6. If the equipment is not using for long time, it should be charged once in every week. If the battery is allowed to charge and discharge frequently, its life can be extended to 3-5 years.

2. What’s the SMF Battery?

Sealed Maintenance Free batteries are widely used where minimal maintenance and space requirements are the main considerations. In UPS systems, it is used because of its maintenance free and eco friendly features. SMF batteries do not require water and acid top up and are totally maintenance free. There is no water loss during the charge- discharge cycle and the battery works on the oxygen recombination principle. SMF battery is also called as Valve Regulated Lead Acid or VRLA battery.

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