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EV8-170(8V170Ah) Golf trolleys GEL Battery

Golf trolleys GEL battery General Features & benefits:

  • 15-18 years design life(25℃)
  • Adopt advanced GEL technology
  • High purity raw material
  • Thick plate design
  • Special grid alloy and paste formula
  • High-temperature curing technology and low

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gel battery in golf cart

Product Application

  • alarm systems,
  • UPS power supplies,
  • cash registers,
  • emergency lighting.
  • cash registers,
  • wheelchairs and golf carts,
  • mowers,
  • toys,
  • cleaning machines.

Standards & Certifications

  • Compliance with IEC 60896 standards, EU Battery Directive
  • UL, CE Certified
  • Manufactured in ISO45001,ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production facilities

EV8-170 Golf trolleys GEL Battery Specifications

Rated Voltage
Nominal Capacity 170.0Ah
(C20 ,1.80V/cell)
Dimension Length
260±2mm ( 10.2 inches)
182±1mm (7.17 inches)
Container Height
295±1mm (11.6 inches)
Total Height
314±1mm (12.4 inches)
Approx 34.5 Kg (76.0 lbs)
Container Material
Rated Capacity(25℃) 180.2 Ah
(20hr, cell)
170.0 Ah
(10hr, cell)
148.5 Ah
(5hr, cell)
131.7 Ah
(3hr, cell)
Max. Discharge Current
1700A (5s)
Internal Resistance(25℃)
Approx 3.2mΩ
Operating Temp. Range Discharge
-15~50℃ (5~122℉)
-20~40℃ (-4~104℉)
-15~40℃ (5~104℉)
Nominal Operating Temp.Range
25±3℃ (77±5℉ )
Cycle Use Initial Charging Current less than 51A. Voltage 9.73~9.87V at 25ºC (77ºF)Temp. Coefficient -4mV/ ºC
Standby Use

Initial Charging Current less than 51A. Voltage
9.07V~9.20V at 25ºC(77ºF)Temp. Coefficient -3mV/ºC

Effect of temp. to Capacity 40℃ (104℉)
25℃ ( 77℉)
0℃ ( 32℉)
Self Discharge

EV series batteries may be stored for up to 6 months
at 25℃(77℉) and then a freshening charge is required.
For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter

EV8-170 GEL Battery layout

ev8-170 LAYOUT
ev8-170 LAYOUT

EV8-170 GEL Battery Discharge data sheet

ev8-170 data sheet
ev8-170 data sheet

GEL Battery Charging/Discharge Curve

Charge Characteristics
Discharge Characteristic
agm battery charging curve
agm battery discharge curve
Cycle Life in Relation to Depth of Discharge
Temperature vs Float Life
agm battery cycles curve
agm battery temperature curve
Capacity Curve At Different Temperature
Self Discharge Characteristics
agm battery capacity-temp curve
agm battery storage curve

ABOUT Electric Vehicle Battery

EV ( Electric Vehicle ) series is specially designed for frequent discharge deep cycle application. By using the specially designed active material, strong grids and thick plate construction, the EV series battery offers reliable performance in high load situations and could provide competitive cycle performance. It is suitable for Electric Vehicle and Golf cart, Floor Machines, Forklifts, Aerial lifts, Robotics, Marine, RV, Mobility and Medical Equipment, and most outdoor application.


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